Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Repurposing: "Between the Acts" Vintage Cigar Tins

We have a supply of "Between the Acts Little Cigar Tins" in the Mercantile.  These were originally smoked between the acts of a play.  Today, these tins can be repurposed to hold small supplies,  notes, and photos.  With such an endearing title on the front of the tin, you can use them to highlight an event such as a play, dance, or other performance.

I used the title on the tin as inspiration to hold photos of my niece's recital.  Most of the photo were taken between the acts!

This was done quite simply by adhering my photos onto a folded piece of cardstock that was cut to fit.

Why not be inspired by your own Between the Acts Vintage Tins?  You can find them at the JBS Mercantile here: Vintage Between the Acts Little Cigar Tins

- betsy
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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

What is it about Numbers??  I know it's not just me -there are thousands of people on Pinterest with boards devoted to the subject.  And while I do sometimes pick numbers for specific reasons (I am always looking out for "4"'s since there are 4 in my family), I rarely pass up any number - in any form.  And the smaller the better as always with me.  I'm not sure they can get much smaller than this.  These are tiny push-pin numbered markers for windows.  I'm not sure why numbers needed to be marked once upon a time (maybe someone can tell me?) but I'm sure glad they did.  While I have sold many of these over the years, this little set has stayed with me.  Imperfectly perfect with patina and remnants of paint, they sit and wait in my studio for the appropriate project.

Happy Monday!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Repurposing: Vintage Thread Cones

Have you seen the vintage thread cones new to our Flea Market?

These cones were used in factories to wind thread around. They can be repurposed today using supplies you already have in your stash into decorated cones or tussie mussies. A wire, string, or ribbon is attached to the wide part of the cone so the tussie mussie can be hung on display.  The cone can be filled with flowers, candy, or small gifts.

Jenni created these tussie mussies for Easter one year, decorating a thread cone with patterned paper and sheet music and further embellishing with labels and German foil rabbits.  Aren't these a wonderful vintage spin on the usual Easter basket?

With Valentine's Day also just around the corner, the thread cones would look beautiful dressed up in pink, red, and white.  We found these pieces of inspiration from two of our creative friends:

{from Briana Johnson}

{from Keisha Campbell}

Want to create your own lovely tussie mussies? You can find the thread cones to repurpose right here in our Flea Market!

- betsy
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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Things I Keep Monday. . .

One of the things over the years that I am always drawn to are folk art pieces.  Some probably define folk art in a more sophisticated way as a finished "crafted" item, something that was created with a specific end result in mind (i.e. a finished artistic piece).  I have always defined it more broadly as something that was simply altered in a creative way - such as this lovely old doll trunk(?) that someone covered with vintage Octagon labels.  To me it wouldn't be nearly as interesting without the labels.  And that is precisely why I had to have it.

Happy Monday!

Check back this week as we will begin teasing the February offerings at the site here and on Facebook and Instagram.  

Our website is functioning - you will get a notice from us at checkout temporarily as we finalize some changes but you are able to add to your cart and check out.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mid Month Releases . . .

Hey All - our website seems to be having issues at checkout.  Those who have tried to order today- we have contacted several of you who emailed already and will be contacting others who got site errors shortly.  Our web guy has been working on it and is still working on it.  Not sure what changed from yesterday to today, but it was BAD timing!  So sorry- I will post here when all is well.

Lots of great items coming tomorrow to the JBS Mercantile Flea Market (find them under This Month's Finds) at 10:00 am central.  You may find something you can't live without like. . .

Vintage sugared fruit . . .

a handmade antique gemtype and rosary chain necklace. . .

a shabby blue painted rake top . . .

a beautiful bolt of pale lavender sequins. . .

another vintage sewing collection . . .

and a rusty, pale green, metal child's sewing machine to go with it. . .

survey binoculars . . .

an AWESOME toy truck that actually has it's metal stakes (my first time to find one with them). . .

a cute little slide viewer made to look like a TV. . .

1920's hair styling booklets (a set of 2). . .
and lots more!

And don't forget . . . you can still sign up for either the Crafted Kit or the Magpie Box as a membership so you don't ever miss out.  Although both are sold out right now, just click to get into the product details and you will see the reservation link.  Stay posted here and on Facebook and Instagram this week for sneak peeks of February's releases.
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